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Arch Dreamer - $7000

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Arch Dreamer - 2017 Huge bodied, stunning 16.2hh Gelding sired by Paddy Oโ€™Prado. RRP Eligible. Retired sound / no vices / known injuries.

Dreamer has been hanging out with us for a little over a month now and thanks to Pa weather, just been living the life of a horse! Heโ€™s adjusted well to daily turnout and is good in the meadow, alone or with a pasture mate. Heโ€™s the low man on the totem pole. Easy to handle and fairly respectful. He is good for the farrier and our vet for chiro / accupuncture (standard care here). He can be a little bit shy at first but is quickly won over by a good scratch (heโ€™s a total sucker). He is quiet by nature, but still a baby therefor best suited to an intermediate rider / handler. We did get a chance to load him up and get some liberty video before the footing was completely unsuitable. Link included below, please keep in mind the arena was half frozen already. He loaded and unloaded like a champ and was settled in a new place.

Heโ€™s a fabulous mover that could really go a variety of directions. Heโ€™s got a ton of reach and push that would make him a lovely event / dressage type. We did send him down the jump chute over some small fences, where he was willing and showed good form. We were running out of horse so didnโ€™t do a ton, but he took to it easily. We would love to see him go to someone thatโ€™s willing to take their time to let him mature a little bit more and go slow in the beginning. He has always been very willing, even when unsure and a partner that is able to be patient and come along at his pace with him is best suited.

Located in Birdsboro PA

Priced at $7k

PPE welcomed, we can help arrange them for out of state buyers.

No holds, trades, trials or payment plans.

Video :

Further photos,

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