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Barrel Proof - SOLD

Updated: Jul 29

16hh 2018 TB Gelding

Clean / Sound

RRP Eligible, track broke.

Barrel Proof has quickly become a favorite of mine! This is one of those once in a lifetime, heart horse types. He is just as sweet as could be and kind kind kind. He came to us after his last race (where he and jock parted ways at the start due to an over exuberant break from the gate, comically he continued to run and “won” without his passenger). He has been enjoying some let down time at the farm being a horse and adjusting to life off the track and recently has been restarted. He has started lunging both ways and is doing well with voice commands. He had his first ride post track on July 27th. Tacked up and got on, walking off quietly on a loose rein. He demonstrated walk trot canter both ways and just has a lovely way of going. He has a good basic education and is just simple. Nice mouth, perfect amount of whoa and go - naturally wants to stretch out and down. He seems to be the forgiving type and has no worries about what the rider is doing up there. He could easily be brought along by an amateur or teen working with a trainer! Though he had done some light lunge work over the last few weeks, he really hasn’t been in a program and doesn’t seem like the type of horse that needs one. He’d be the perfect partner for someone looking for an all around type to have fun on and be safe with. They really do not come much more honest.

The personality on this guy I love. He’s super talkative towards his human and greets me excitedly at the gate or stall with adorable little whinnies every day. He eagerly looks for the halter and will help you along by poking his nose in it if you’re going a little slow. He’s an overall sensible type that’s not real spooky or reactive. He is fabulous for the farrier and vet, great to be groomed / bathed and just well behaved on the farm overall. He shares the fence line with both geldings and mares here. Stalled during the day, out at night. Barrel has one hilarious quirk, he LOVES the sand. Walking out at night if I stop while on the way to his pasture to talk to someone or if I give him some hand grazing time he always takes the opportunity for a good roll in the sand! Barrel is an adorable guy, with a pretty refined head and gorgeous body. His shoulder is to die for and he naturally has an uphill, balanced way of carrying himself. He has a ginormous presence and he KNOWS just how good he looks! He’s got three lovely gaits with a lot of push from behind at liberty. I have sent him down the jump chute twice and once he got the idea of what was wanted he was pretty much schooling himself. He’s brave and honest, a trier. He’s just one of those all around good boys. He may not be the tallest horse in the barn but he certainly makes up for it in a lot of other ways. Five star home is non negotiable. Barrel is the kind of horse I’d take 100 of and he’s just such a doll I don’t mind waiting on his perfect match.

Video at Liberty

First Ride video


PPE welcome

Shipping available.

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