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Cassius - $12,000

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⭐️ Fun, athletic prospect! ⭐️

“Cassius” 3 year old crossbred gelding, currently sticking a smidge under 16.1h. Should finish 16.2 or so. This guy is rather athletically built and well put together. I think he could go a variety of disciplines as a sporthorse. Cassius is lightly started, had all of the ground work, long lining etc. he has been ridden under saddle at the walk, trot, canter and been over some small poles and basic fillers. He has a very light mouth and is a medium ride, not lazy but not hot. Currently focusing on allowing him to figure out how to use all of his body and move forward into the contact. He has a lot of movement in there that he doesn’t quite know how to use yet under saddle. He lunges both directions and has good voice commands. He stands well at the mounting block. Overall, he’s been a very sensible guy in the sense of he’s not overly spooky about his surroundings. We’ve had him in the indoor, the jump field and the dressage arena. He doesn’t mind a change in environment. He is a little bit more of a sensitive ride however, so he will be appreciated by the quiet rider with lighter aids. That said, he’s not complicated. Just a learning, green baby. Well behaved for grooming, farrier (barefoot), bathing, etc. he pastures fine alone or with others and always comes to the gate to be caught. A confident ammy working with a trainer could continue bringing him along.

Located in Ocala FL. Shipping available.

Ocala, FL

Contact Ashley 717.606.4419 or

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