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Midnight Mine - $5k

Updated: Jul 14

“Midnight Mine” 16.2 1/2 h 2020 TB gelding sired by Violence. Lightly raced and let down. Midnight has been with us for a little over a month now. He’s a huge bodied, stunning boy with a TON of personality. He is super friendly and curious, sweet and playful. If you like the goofy, “look at me” type he is your guy. He loves to be groomed and bathed, if you ask him it’s all about him. If you’re the person that enjoys several days a week at the farm hanging with your best buddy, you’ll love him. He can be a feel good type occasionally on the ground, while he does remain respectful I wouldn’t recommend him for someone timid. He’s a young big guy so reinforcing boundaries is important with him. To top all of this off, he’s just as stunning in motion as he is standing still. He was barefoot when he came (not a candidate) and has only been shod for a few weeks now. He is already a lovely mover but the more his feet grow out the better he has gotten. We did hop on him briefly last week for a few minutes to assess his temperament under saddle and he was a gem. We did not prep just tacked and got on. He was polite at the mounting block and walked off on a loose rein. He seemed to have very nice basics, a good mouth and sensibility! An experienced ammy would be fine bringing him along. Midnight has no vices.

Located in Ocala FL

Priced at $7500

Contact Ashley 717-606-4419 or

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