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Rage Away - $10,000

Rage Away, 2016 16.2hh TB gelding sired by Tizway, 21 starts, RRP Eligible

“Rage” has been a member of my barn since April 2021. He’s an absolute stunner and visitors never believe that he’s a thoroughbred when they walk in my barn. Between his size, bone and great hair - they all assume he’s one of my crossbreds! He quickly made an impression and has been the barn favorite. When he arrived he was still intact, while being on the fence with what I wanted to do with him he stayed that way for several months as he enjoyed some let down and time to be a horse / fill out. As I started the restart process with lunging it became clear the peanuts had to go - they just got in his way. He was castrated in June. He had a difficult recovery and lost a lot of weight, so back to pasture he went. He has gained all of his weight back and I’ve sat on him a handful of times. I’ve debated what I’d like to do with him as quite frankly he’s scared off everyone I’ve shown him to, (he’s not really been publicly listed but I have let a few people see him at liberty as they were looking at others). If the right person came along I know he would be better utilized and shown off with an owner that has more time and some show ambitions. I think he could go nearly any direction in his second career.

That said, I adore this horse, he will only go to a 5* home. He has quite a cocky personality and isn’t going to be a “for anyone” horse. He has the best manners out of the stall, is easily handled, will crosstie all day long, is perfect for any doctoring needed, good for the farrier and quite as a mouse in the meadow. However, he is and likely always will be mouthy in and around the stall. He is NOT mean, but he is playful and will need someone who is aware of that. He will play with anything he can get a hold of (bell boots, brushes etc!) Additionally, he is a complete and utter show off. This horse walks around like he’s the king of the castle and wants everyone to know it. When free jumping he often lands, turns to me and dead stops with his chest puffed up “Did you see what I did”? Rightfully so, he is extremely special. Lovely mover with a jump to match, he is brave and super athletic.

I personally restarted him. I by no means consider myself a “pro” and have had zero issues with him under saddle. I lunge briefly before hopping on, but thus far he’s been fairly easy. He stands perfectly at the mounting block and never walks off until asked. I’ve schooled him walk trot, focusing on forward and straight. He’s actually a bit of a push ride, though I suspect this will change a bit in different footing and with fitness. Rage is very intelligent and self preserving - he is careful in my loose / deep footing. My arena is the only reason he’s not really “going”, he is fully let down at this point and ready for employment. He has an extremely soft snaffle mouth and carries himself nicely. That said, I want an experienced individual for him. He’s not the horse you can pick a fight with, he tries very hard and if he doesn’t understand the question, just ask again or ask differently. He is not spooky at all and really has been quite sensible. I strongly feel he’s going to be a “one person” horse. Rage has somewhat picked me at this point and If he was a human I’d consider him a stage five clinger. Whenever I’m in the barn he’s got his head over his door watching me. He is shod up front and barefoot behind. He has no stable vices. He has a scar on the front of his left hock from a cut that happened under my care. It is superficial and completely healed, other than that he has no known injuries.

We would like an OTTB experienced home for this boy where he can get all the attention he deserves. He needs to be out showing!

Again, not a horse I need to part with and quite frankly if he lives here the rest of his life that’s fine. If the cocky, saucy type is up your alley - shoot me a message. Be prepared for a small interrogation and to provide videos of you riding. If you’re easily intimidated, this isn’t the horse for you. He’s a whole lot of “talk” with an elephant size personality and you’ve just got to shake your head and laugh at him when he’s showing off.

Video :

Most recent liberty / jump chute

Birdsboro, Pa

Priced at $10,000

Contact Ashley 717.606.4419 or

No leases, trades, trials or payments.

PPE welcome. Shipping available.

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