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Star Cruiser - $7000

Updated: 1 day ago

Star Cruiser - 2020 Gelding sired by The Factor. Lightly raced, big boned and bodied standing 15.3h at the moment (this one’s definitely growing). Big, beautiful mover - I think hunters would be a very easy direction for him to be competitive in. Well settled at the farm and currently being used to babysit - he’s quiet and easy going. This boy is hardy, he came to us missing half of his shoes - but not minding at all. Both videos are this way (farrier appt this week!). He is definitely a good barefoot candidate if that’s something important to his new connections. Cruiser is nice to handle, ties, bathes, good for grooming and tacking. He was super impressive at liberty and a natural down the jump chute. He was honest and smart about adjusting himself. We did hop on him for his first ride since retiring and he stood well for mounting, walked off quietly and went right to work. He didn’t offer to do anything silly and was a push ride. That said - this horse was apparently a lot at the track (but not at the farm). He’s one of the quietest / easiest horses in the barn at the moment but a confident partner would probably be best for him until he has more training just to ensure they’re capable if he has any baby moments. I do find him to be quite amateur friendly at the farm. He is RRP eligible. No known injuries. He will occasionally grab the bucket at feed time.

Located in Ocala FL - shipping available.

Videos :

Priced at $7000.

Contact Ashley 717.606.4419 or

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