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Texas Gano - $6500

Updated: Nov 30

⁉️ ALL INFO ⁉️

“Texas Gano”, 16h 2018 Gelding sired by Revolutionary out of a Rock Hard Ten mare. This guy is swoon worthy! Aside from his good looks, he has a fantastic temperament. He unloaded well, settled right in and easily adjusted to farm life. He’s currently being turned out at night and in during the day. Gano is super easy to get along with, he’s done nothing wrong thus far. He ties quietly to be groomed / tacked, is good for bathing and was a perfect gentleman his first ride post track. He stood at the block, walked off quietly and proceeded to have a great ride. He didn’t look at anything, spook at anything or do anything silly. He has a nice work ethic but is happy to come right back and walk along on the buckle! Gano quickly softened into the bridle and walk/trot/cantered, then was started over fences. This is just one of those horses that’s going to work for darn near anybody and he’s a ton of fun! He quickly figured out exactly what we wanted and was jumping down the lines by the end, softly cantering out. This horse is the perfect mount for an ammy working with a trainer or even a young rider. He’s just an agreeable sort that’s going to go be an awesome partner! I could see him going a number of directions at the moment, if you’re looking for the type to do a little bit of everything with I think he’s just the sort. Gano has no vices. UPDATE : we've been on him five times now and he comes out the same every time. He's a no prep, no fuss guy. We even ventured out of the arena to an open field on another part of the farm and he rode just as nicely out there. I can see him being someone's lower level super star. He doesn't need to be ridden to keep his brain, he came out with over a week off and a serious temperature drop just as sensible as could be. RRP eligible.

Fifth Ride, grooming, tacking, filed, untacking.

Located in Ocala, FL. Shipping available.

Contact Ashley, 717-606-4419 or

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