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Xcellently Timed - $10,000

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“Xcellently Timed”, for consideration to the perfect home. 2020 model sired by Unbridled Energy out of an Any Given Saturday mare, currently standing 16.1+ and likely to grow quite a bit yet. I really don’t buy a lot of mares but it’s hard to pass up the exceptional ones! She is just put together the right way with a beautiful topline, uphill build, lovely shoulder and absolutely stunning head. Xcellently Timed is some serious eye candy! She is equally as sweet to live with, she travels like an old pro, settles in well and makes herself right at home. She went right to eating here and is just an old soul type - she takes her snacks very seriously and tried to take a break several times while getting her loose video. A hard keeper she is not! I could go in and on about how lovely she is to have in the barn. She doesn’t put a foot wrong and has the most docile, kind energy about her. She’s perfectly fine being pet all over and worked around. She’s a serious puppy dog, if you spend five minutes in the barn with her you’re bound to fall in love! She had a long ride from OH and has just been getting some time to chill and be a horse. I’ve taken some loose video of her to assess her movement and was wowed, she’s got so much going for her and I believe will make a good event or dressage partner in the future. She already has a ton of push from behind and movement in the shoulder but just continues to improve as she loosens up. Given how lovely she is already I can only imagine what she’ll move like in 30 days! She was lightly raced with two starts never hitting the board, she retired with no known injuries or vices. Xcellently Timed is an exciting prospect that would suit a pro or an amateur I believe. She is RRP Eligible as well! Although I’d like to see her have a sport career, I think she’d make a great broodmare prospect as well down the road. She has a handful of rides post track and could likely go a number of directions. She is a typical green baby and working on keeping her pace, steering etc but she's coming along pretty quickly and has been overall easy. An experienced amateur / young rider with a trainer should be able to bring her along however she is definitely nice enough for a professional to invest some time into. By her second school over fences she was starting to put together little courses. Video added below! This girl has really come a long way in just a few rides and is such a game, exciting prospect.

UPDATE! Sept 21

Xcellently Timed was a filly I had a TON of interest in when she first came in. She had only a handful of rides and was lightly started over fences. Unfortunately she popped a splint shortly after arrival so she’s spent the last several weeks resting. (Future outlook - not career limiting). As her rest period is up she spent the last two days stretching her legs a little bit outside before getting back to work. I’ll be honest “get useable video of a three year old who only had a handful of post track rides before sitting for weeks” wasn’t on my bingo card. So excuse the “stall potato” appearance she’s currently rocking - BUT DAMN! This filly gave an honest ride, with no prep before climbing aboard, some of her best flat work for us. We’ll be actively getting her going again over the next few weeks. She is simply spectacular and going to make someone a great partner!

Video of her first ride back :

Loose Video :

Ride video :

Second Jump School :

Located in Ocala, FL. Shipping available.

Contact Ashley 717.606.4419 or

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