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Frequently Asked Questions & Sales Policies

Q. Can I lease your horse / do you accept trades / what about trial periods?

A. We do not offer leases, trial periods or trades.

Q. How are your horses sold?

A. Horses are sold on a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE basis. Though we will NOT sell a horse to someone whom we feel like is not a good match. Horses are for sale until they are sold.

Q. Can I put a deposit down to hold the horse?

A. We do not take deposits to hold horses.

Q. Can I schedule a prepurchase exam?

A. Prepurchase exams are welcome and encouraged on all horses. Though I try to be as thorough and honest as possible in my description of the horses I am not a vet and a basic exam is beneficial to both buyer and seller to have a third set of eyes to ensure nothing was missed.

Q. If I schedule a PPE do I have first right to the horse?

A. We encourage buyers to schedule exams as quickly as possible and will try our best to help accommodate that. We will only hold horses for 12 hours prior to the exam.

Q. Is there anyway to get ahead of someone who has an exam scheduled?

A. We understand as a buyer you are making a big commitment if you have scheduled an exam. The ONLY way a horse would be sold when pending a prepurchase exam is if someone else who was equally as good of a fit wanted to buy outright with no exam. This means, try and buy. We will give a purchaser with an exam scheduled no less than 12 hours notice of cancelation. This means, if you try a horse on Monday and have an exam scheduled for Weds and someone comes Tuesday and wants to buy, the Horse is for sale. However, we would not make the Horse able to be purchased within 12 hours of your scheduled exam as courtesy to both client and veterinarian.

Q. How do you accept payment?

A. If you have completed a PPE and decided to purchase the horse payment is due within 48 hours. Payment can be made via apple pay, venmo, wire transfer, cash app, zelle, cash or credit card via paypal (fees apply). If within 24 hours of an exam you have not decided if you are purchasing the Horse or not we reserve the right to continue showing the Horse for sale.

Q. Do you have any guarantees?

A. Horses are sold as is. We make it our first priority to ensure a proper match between Horse and rider but we do not have a crystal ball into the future. If you get your new Horse Home and are thinking it is not the right fit we do offer consignment services!

Q. When must the horse be picked up by?

A. We are happy to help arrange transportation and horses will be kept free of charge for up to 5 days after the sold date. After that board of $25/day will be charged.

Q. How do you accommodate out of state buyers?

A. We are happy to work with out of state buyers and realize it’s a bit commitment to drive or fly across the country! We will hold horses for three (3) days once a plane ticket is booked. This means If you book for Saturday, we will not show the Horse Thurs, fri or Saturday.

Q. What if I want to purchase your horse sight unseen?

A. This is fairly common for us and we are able to accommodate those who wish to purchase this way however we can. Whether it be more videos, setting up a prepurchase exam, transport, etc. happy to help! As this happens quite frequently, it is a fairly painless process!

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