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Section A : Trial rides and appointments.


At ANB Equine, we do offer appointments to come see the horses in person. Horses are available to be seen in the barn, at liberty and under tack (if they are restarted).


Appointments are made on an approved basis and potential buyers will be screened thoroughly prior.  Many of our horses are young, green and have minimal retraining off of the track. Due to this, we do require video footage of anyone who wants to try the horses under saddle and also like to see this even for our sight-unseen buyers to ensure fit. We find the first half dozen rides on these guys to be very important and try to keep everything light, simple and fun for the horse. As they are also learning a completely new job we find it in the horses best interest to limit new riders until they are feeling confident about what it is that's being asked of them.


As of April 1, 2024 we will no longer be scheduling "trial rides" for horses that  are under 4 years old or whom have less than 6 rides off of the track. Customers may still come, meet the horses and watch our rider on them. As much as I hate to do this, I do feel it is in the horses best interest in most cases. We want to make successful matches for the future with both horse and rider, however find we are really searching for an owner with a certain level of confidence in their own abilities for our younger/greener mounts that don't yet have a solid restart base. 

In addition, while it may seem attractive to make a day of it and come try everything in the barn or in Ocala - we do not entertain this. We pride ourselves in making matches while keeping the horse's best interest in mind.  If you are searching for an upper level type, we are not going to pull out something that wants to go be a hunter or if you need an ammy friendly ride, we aren't going to show you the one that needs a pro or experienced rider. Often times through conversing we will be able to point you in the direction of one or two that are solid potentials, making it an efficient, safe and positive experience for our horses and the customers.  We ask that customers be considerate of the fact that most of these horses are very young and do not need to be jumped several times a week, so if its not a solid "potential fit" we do not want to put miles on ones body on the whim it may work even though all signs say otherwise. 

For our sight un-seen buyers - we welcome and do business with wonderful individuals all over the country and have horses nearly everywhere now. If you are confident in your abilities as a rider and we agree this could be a great fit we are more than happy to move forward. Purchasing this way is fairly streamlined and we are able to assist in any vetting/shipping accommodations you may need help with. About 90% of our sales are via this method and something we are familiar with. 


Section B : Sales Policies


1. Horses are listed only available for sale unless otherwise noted. We do not entertain trial periods, leases or trades.  These horses are young, green, living breathing animals. They are sold as-is without guarantees. While we try to make the best matches possible, I cannot look into the future and tell you how they're going to be in a different barn/trainer/tack/rider/herd/life situation.  

2. We reserve the right to comb through potential buyers to determine whom we think is the best fit. It is not uncommon to have several people who would like to move forward with one horse - in this case, we may take a day or two to speak with every one before choosing who we move forward with. 


3. We do not accept any types of deposits. Unfortunately we find "life changes" with buyers quite frequently,  so we have to put our horses first. Horses remain "on the market" until they are sold. This means, if a pre-purchase exam is scheduled that horse remains available until the day of the exam. We do not allow one buyer to schedule an exam before another buyer, in cases of several people wanting to schedule vettings they are done in order of client commitment. Because the horse remains on the market, there is always the off chance they will be sold prior to a scheduled PPE if there is someone who does not need one in order to move forward. Some buyers are confident purchasing without a PPE depending on their own level of knowledge and risk aversion.  If we come across these situations and the horse is equally as suited to this home, we will not decline a sale. 


4. Prepurchase exams are welcome on all horses. Though I try to be as thorough and honest as possible in my description of the horses I am not a vet nor do I always get a lifetime of history on an animal. A basic exam is beneficial to both buyer and seller to have a third set of eyes to ensure nothing was missed. Many of our buyers are out of state, for those we are able to help arrange vetting appointments with a number of providers in the area. You may be present for your PPE but it is not required! If x-rays are taken during the exam and you would like your vet to also examine them before making a decision you have 48 hours after the imaging is sent until we reserve the right to continue marketing the horse as available. 


5. After a completed pre-purchase exam we do require a yes or no within 24 hours unless your personal vet is needing time to review anything (48 hours from receipt of PPE results from attending vet to yours is allowed with exceptions for holidays / sundays). We send sale contracts once we get a green light from the buyer. After the contracts are sent buyers have 48 hours to complete payment (exceptions for weekends and holidays).  Should a buyer fail to complete contracted payment within this time frame the sale will be void and the horse will return to the market. 


6. Payments can be made via a variety of methods. Venmo, cashapp, credit card, apple pay, zelle, wire transfer, cash are all acceptable forms  of payment. We accept personal checks on a case by case basis and payment must clear before the horse leaves our property. Buyers are welcome to use multiple methods if needed. 

Section C : After the sale.

1. Transportation is the buyers financial responsibility. We regularly work with a small group of haulers that we are happy to recommend and coordinate with all over the country. 


2. After the date of final sale there will be a grace period of three days where the buyer will not be charged board, in order to arrange pickup. Should the horse need to remain at our farm past the allotted timeframe, there is a day rate of $30. Any board is due prior to the horse loading to leave.  


3. We are able to provide riding after the sale if you would like. This is a service provided at a by-the-ride rate and can be as in depth or as basic as you would like. We are lucky to have a fantastic rider who gives the babies a confident, quiet introduction into their new careers and we are happy to share that when we can! Message for current riding rates. Likewise, we have availability for training board on our sale horses on an approved basis and can discuss a package deal if that's something you're interested in. 


4. Buyers are responsible for any veterinary, farrier, rider costs etc after the final sale. Boarding at our farm until shipping out includes basic care, a stall during the day and out at night, bedding, being fed 2x a day both hay and grain.  

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